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Hot sauces La Pimenterie


La Pimenterie is a Quebec company specializing in spicy sauces that go wonderfully with your oysters, fish and seafood. Choose from our two varieties!

Oak Reaction

A 148ml hot sauce that is both simple and tasty, made from fermented chili peppers, to which is added a touch of oak. A lively spiciness, but which quickly gives way to woody and vanilla notes. An everyday sauce that will please everyone!

This sauce is 1/5 on a spicy scale!

Contains: Water, Selected hot peppers, French shallots, White wine vinegar, Oak chips (infusion), Garlic, Salt, Organic cane sugar, Xanthan gum (non-GMO).


A Mexican-inspired green sauce of 148ml made with jalapeño peppers and spices with fresh notes of coriander, sweet peppers and lime. Ideal to accompany oysters or white fish tacos.

This sauce is 1/5 on a spicy scale!

Contains: Selected hot peppers, Water, Tomatillos, Lime juice, Cider vinegar*, Onions*, Spices, Salt, Garlic, Lime zest*, Xanthan gum (non-GMO), Onion powder. *Organic ingredients

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