Poissonnerie Odessa

Festive sushi platter (38un)

$61.99 $69.99
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Platter of 38 unique specialty pieces for a perfect meal for two.

The board includes:

- 8 varied Sashimis/Tatakis (depending on availability)
- 4 Uramakis with salmon and mango tartare
- 4 Uramakis with two salmon tartare
- 8 Uramakis with tempura shrimp and spicy salmon
- 6 Makis fried fresh salmon and cream cheese
- 4 Hosomakis with avocado

- 4 Cucumber Hosomakis
- 2 Soy sauce
- 1 Sesame sauce
- 1 spicy mayonnaise

Recommended for 2 people.

Contains: Fish, Shellfish, Sesame, Dairy Products, Gluten, Mango, Avocado, Garlic.

May contain: Nuts.

Conditions: Minimum reservation of 48 hours. In-store pickup only. No substitutions accepted. Sold as is. Available at the Rosemont, Anjou and Brossard branch and under certain conditions at the Beloeil and Sorel-Tracy branches.

Beloeil: Reservations for sushi logs and sushi platters are only available for pickup on Saturdays .

Sorel-Tracy: reservations for sushi logs and sushi platters are only available to be picked up on Thursdays (from 5 p.m.) and Fridays .

If you add one of these products to your order, for these branches, your transaction may be refused. For more details, you can contact the branches by telephone by consulting our contact page . Thank you for understanding.

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